DVD collection: some ideas to get your DVD library off to a good start

Alix has been collecting DVDs for almost two years, and she guides you to start your own DVD library!

In 2017, I worked for six months at a video publisher and my slightly old school passion for DVDs was born, and since then, dozens of bulky DVDs have been decorating my shelves with DVD libraries threatening to give way.

My DVD collection, the love of my life…

Some people like to see their library grow by getting the paper versions of their books, and like them, I like to own a good movie on DVD.

I love the object, what do you want, I’m just a henchman of the materialist!

I spend my weekends rummaging through flea markets in search of the rare gem, I order magnificent boxes for Christmas, and I have long been a subscriber to a box that brought me a new DVD every month with fun objects related to the film’s universe.

So here is a selection of DVDs that might help you start your DVD library, or continue to feed it!

Your favorite movies on DVD

I have a rule: always have your favourite films close at hand, so you can admire and watch them whenever you want! Here are my three must-haves, it’s up to you to find yours!

Mommy by Xavier Dolan, Diaphana Video Edition, 10$.

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind by Michel Gondry, Universal, $6.99

Old Boy by Park Chan-Wook, Wild Side Video, $9.99

The classics on DVD

I always find it hard to start watching a classic.

When someone tells me that a film is a masterpiece, it puts pressure on me to watch it, but if it’s on my shelves, I can’t duck it anymore!

And those classics, the ones that have made their way to my DVD library, I love them like my children. It’s up to you to get the ones you’ve been promising to see for years!

Les Affranchis by Martin Scorsese, Warner, $10

Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino, Studiocanal, $10

Dodes’kaden by Akira Kurosawa, Wild Side Video, $10

The movies you watch on a loop on DVD…

There are those movies I never get bored of. I can see them three times in one weekend and never get bored!

And you, which are your movies to watch on a loop?

500 days together from Marc Webb, Fox, $10.65

The Truman Show by Peteir Weir, WideScreen, $9.99

Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola, Studiocanal, $6.90

The new movies you missed

Four months after their cinema release, the films are released on DVD, so when I missed one I really wanted to see, I opted for the catch-up session four months later!


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